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Cyathea cooperi

Common Names: Scaly Tree Fern, Australian Tree Fern, Lacy Tree Fern, Cooper’s Tree Fern

Synonyms: Alsophila cooperi, Sphaeropteris cooperi

Cyathea cooperi

Cyathea cooperi

Description: Cyathea cooperi is a beautiful Australian native fast growing evergreen tree fern. This robust tree fern has large lacy fonds up to 3 m long on a stout oval patterned trunk with many light coloured scales.

Cyathea cooperi suitable for most moist soils in a wide range of positions. Prefers a frost free, humid environment. Will tolerate full sun if well watered.

Foliage – green
Shape – rosette

Watering in rest period – moderately
Watering in active growth period – plentifully
Light – medium
Temperature in rest period – min (-5)C max 20C
Temperature in active growth period – min 22C max 32C
Humidity – high

Cyathea cooperi







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