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Anigozanthos rambubona

Common name: Kangaroo Paw

Family: Haemodoraceae

Anigozanthos rambubona

Anigozanthos rambubona

Description: Anigozanthos rambubona has bright yellow flowers on strong upright, orange/red stem. The flower stems produce large numbers of blooms that hold their colour over several months. Expect peak flowering from spring to early summer, with a secondary flush in autumn.

Flowering: Anigozanthos rambubona is prolific flowering throughout the warmer months.

Position: Anigozanthos rambubona will do best in well drained, sunny location.

Uses: Anigozanthos rambubona is great plant for pots and garden and is used as a cut flower.

Anigozanthos rambubona is a perfect plant to grow in a container in a sunny spot.

Care: Remove old flowers stems and leaves as close possible to their base. Sprinkle a small handful of slow release fertiliser for Australian native plants around the base of the plant in autumn and again in spring. Keep the centre of the plant free of weeds as well as the dead leaves and flower stems of the Anigozanthos rambubona.

As a pot plant, water it only when the topĀ  of the potting mix has dried out.

Characteristics of Anigozanthos rambubona:

  • full sun
  • heat tolerant
  • light frost tolerant
  • drought tolerant
  • height to 60cm
  • width to 45cm
  • pot flower
  • garden plant
  • cut flower

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Anigozanthos Gold

Common Names: Kangaroo Paw, Strong Paws

Anigozanthos Gold

Anigozanthos Gold

Anigozanthos Gold is improved variety of kangaroo paw produces a profusion of delightful, bright golden yellow flowers carried on tall stems. Flowers in late spring and early summer. Bright green, strap-shaped leaves add to the attraction.

Uses: Ideal for containers, rockeries and borders. Use the flowers for indoor decoration.

Positions: best grown in freely draining soil in a sunny to partly shaded position.

Care: Prune flowers stems back to the ground after flowering.

Planting: Cultivate soil before planting. Dig hole twice the width of the container. Remove plant from container and place into the hole so the soil level is the same as surrounding ground. Fill hole firmly and water in well, even if the soil is moist.

Anigozanthos Gold characteristics:

  • Full sun
  • Part shade
  • Height to 2m
  • Width 1.5m
  • Cut flowers
  • Bird attracting
  • Great for pots
  • Well drained soil

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