Adiantum raddianum

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Common Names:Delta Maiden-Hair

Synonyms:Adiantum cuneatum

Adiantum raddianum
Adiantum raddianum

Description:Adiantum raddianum grows up to 45 cm tall with a spread of up to 60 cm. The triangular, dark green fronds may be 20 cm long and 15 cm at their widest point and are divided into numerous delicate, wedge-shaped leaflets.

There are many forms of Adiantum raddianum, all slightly different in scale, colour and general shape. The fronds of all Adiantum raddianum forms, however, are semi-erect at fist drooping gracefully as they mature.

Foliage green
Shape bushy

Watering in rest period sparingly
Watering in active growth period moderately
Light bright
Temperature in rest period min 10C max 24C
Temperature in active growth period min 16C max 24C
Humidity high
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