Archontophoenix alexandrae

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Common Names: Alexander Palm, King Alexander Palm, King Palm, Northern Bangalow Palm

Synonyms: Ptychosperma alexandrae

Archontophoenix alexandrae
Archontophoenix alexandrae

Description: Archontophoenix alexandrae is a tall, solitary, handsome palm to about 25 metres tall with a spread of about 2 - 2.5 metres and a gracefull appearance. The leaves, up to about 2 metres long. It can reach about 1 / 3 meters in diameter.

Flowers are formed below the crownshaft with the creamy flower stalks holding amythest purple flowers. The round fruit, about 12 mm in diameter, turn bright red at maturity.

It is quite a fast grower, averaging about 1/3 - 1 metre per year.

These palms can be grown in full sun (if the water is kept up to them), or in the shade.

Archontophoenix alexandrae is extremely popular palm in Australia, becoming quite common now to plant in clusters and close groupings.

Foliage green
Shape bushy

Watering in rest period sparingly
Watering in active growth period plentifully
Light bright filtered
Temperature in rest period min 10C max 24C
Temperature in active growth period min 16C max 24C
Humidity high

Archontophoenix alexandrae






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