Chlorophytum comosum

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Common Names:Spider Plant, Variegated Spider Plant, Ribbon Plant, Airplane Plant

Description:Chlorophytum comosum is a grasslike, clump forming, evergreen perennial in the lily family.

Chlorophytum comosum
Chlorophytum comosum

This is one plant that really tolerates neglect! Spider plant will thrive in an air conditioned dorm room or a humid greenhouse. Full sun, or shade - spider plant hangs in there. Forget to water it? Not a problem. This is one of the finest plants for hanging baskets. Placed in a bright window, a spider plant will grow into a fountain of gracefully arching stalks adorned with miniature versions of itself. Water regularly, and fertilize with a liquid plant food every two weeks during the summer. Withhold fertilizer, and water less frequently in winter.

In frostfree climates, spider plant is used as a groundcover, in borders and as edging around beds, walkways and paths.

Chlorophytum comosum requires no special attetion and are easy to grow indoors.

Uses: NASA placesChlorophytum comosum among the top 3 types of houseplants that are great at removing formaldahyde. Also removes carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities.

Foliage variegated
Shape grassy

Watering in rest period moderately
Watering in active growth period plentifully
Light bright
Temperature in rest period min 7C max 21C
Temperature in active growth period min 16C max 24C
Humidity low

Chlorophytum comosum Chlorophytum comosum






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