Coprosma repens 'Pink Splendor'

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Common Names: Mirror Bush, Taupata, Looking-Glass Bush, New Zealand Laurel, Shiny Leaf

Synonyms: Coprosma baueri

Coprosma repens 'Pink Splendor'
Coprosma repens 'Pink Splendor'

Description: Coprosma repens is a beautiful evergreen, compact bush with glossy, wavy leaves tat have green, pink and gold lives. Coprosma repens grows about 1m height and 1.3m width.

Coprosma repens is very drought tolerant and also useful for growing in coastal areas as it will tolerate salt laden, strong winds.

Coprosma repens is a useful (particularly suited for coastal conditions), eye catching plant that will do well in areas few other plants will tolerate.

Coprosma repens is suitable for pruning to shape its appearance.

Foliage variegated
Shape bushy

Watering in rest period sparingly
Watering in active growth period moderately
Light direct
Temperature in rest period min -7C max -4C
Temperature in active growth period min 10C max 30C
Humidity low
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