Cyathea cooperi

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Common Names: Scaly Tree Fern, Australian Tree Fern, Lacy Tree Fern, Coopers Tree Fern

Synonyms: Alsophila cooperi, Sphaeropteris cooperi

Cyathea cooperi
Cyathea cooperi

Description: Cyathea cooperi is a beautiful Australian native fast growing evergreen tree fern. This robust tree fern has large lacy fonds up to 3 m long on a stout oval patterned trunk with many light coloured scales.

Cyathea cooperi suitable for most moist soils in a wide range of positions. Prefers a frost free, humid environment. Will tolerate full sun if well watered.

Foliage green
Shape rosette

Watering in rest period moderately
Watering in active growth period plentifully
Light medium
Temperature in rest period min (-5)C max 20C
Temperature in active growth period min 22C max 32C
Humidity high

Cyathea cooperi






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