Neoregelia Lilliputiana

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Common Names: Vase Plant, Mini Neo's

Miniature species fully grown at 8cm. Fast growing small blue flowers appear when mature. Hardy, great indoors or outdoors.

Neoregelia Lilliputiana
Neoregelia Lilliputiana

Neoregelia Lilliputianaare a hardy group of bromeliads used for planting on trees and walls. Offsets generally appear on long runners allowing plants to spread rapidly or grow over objects.Neoregelia Lilliputiana can grow from 8cm across to 20cm across, flowers appear from the central vase and are mostly blue.

Location:Neoregelia Lilliputiana are great in any sunny or partially shaded positions, the more sun the brighter the colours, indoor the more light the better. In very cold climates some cover will improve the growth.

Planting: Neoregelia Lilliputiana can be grown on or in almost anything. The do just as well in a pot as planted on a branch, many varieties can also grow in the garden. When planted without soil some moss can be packed around the plant base to encourage roots to start. Water should be kept in the centre of plants over the warmer months and soil well watered but allowed to be touch dry between waterings. Weak doses of fertilizer will improve growth but may reduce colours if used to often.

Flowering: All bromeliads are able to flower once they are mature unless kept to dark. Flowering is triggered by the presence of composting gasses, in clean environments this may not be present so flowering may not occur. Adding liquid from rotting fruit will allow flowering to occur.
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