Senecio serpens

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Common Names:Blue Chalk Sticks, Dwarf Blue Fries

Synonyms:Kleinia repens, Cacalia repens, Senecio ficoides

Senecio serpens
Senecio serpens

Description:Senecio serpens is a small succulent that hugs the ground, branching from the base and rooting along the stems.

This ground cover is one of the most valuable landscaping succulents. Forming a dense rippling mat of compact silver-blue leaves.

Senecio serpens grow up to 30 cm tall, 60 cm in diameter.

Blooms in Spring with fragrant spongy creamy yellow flowers.

Great container or garden plant for full sun to partial shade.

Senecio serpens is drought tolerant in the ground once established.

Foliage green
Shape upright

Watering in rest period sparingly
Watering in active growth period moderately
Light direct
Temperature in rest period min 7C max 13C
Temperature in active growth period min 16C max 24C
Humidity low
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