Thysanolaena maxima

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Common Names: Tiger grass, Clumping Grass

Thysanolaena maxima
Thysanolaena maxima

Growing habits: Thysanolaena maxima is a fast growing, luxuriant foliage, clumping, ornamental grass that will add a tropical look and feel to your garden. It grows to 3m in height in a tight clump. It makes a great hedge and also looks good alone or mixed in your garden amongst palms, bamboos and other tropical plants. It can also grow in pots and tight garden beds.

Cultivation: Plant in to well drained soil. Water regularly, especially when young. Fertilize 2-3 times per year with high nitrogen grass fertilizer.

Uses. You can cut it back to the ground every 3-4 years to refresh the plat if needed. Try it in a hedge around the pool area - you won't be disappointed!
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