Tillandsia Ionantha

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Common Names: Living Airplant

Small compact species to 8cm, clustering habit, flowers appear in warmest months on red foliage, hardy, great indoors.

Tillandsia Ionantha
Tillandsia Ionantha

Tillandsias - Nature true wonders, able to take all water and food through their leaves these remarkable plants are masters at adaptation, the lazy gardeners ideal companion.

Location: Outdoor in partly shaded areas, in cold climates in a dry position, in warmer areas almost anywhere. Silver varieties can take more sunlight.

Planting: Tillandsias can be attached to objects with the use of plastic coated wire, tie wire, hot melt glue or any non toxic glues onto any object. The plant feeds through its leaves not roots.

Watering: Tillandsias require regular;ar watering as they have no access to water like normal plants and rely only on the water stored in their leaves. Water can be applied by hose, watering can, mist spray bottle or dunking. A good soaking is required. In hot or dry areas they can be watered up to twice a week and in cooler, more moist environments every one to three weeks. Tillandsias should be allowed to almost dry out between waterings. A weak dose of fertilizer can be added to water in summer mounts.

Flowering: Flowers appear once plant is mature, this can take 4 to 20 years depending on variety, once flowered new plants will appear which will flower once the new plants are mature.
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